Anna Shiloff

Anna Shiloff was born on 1 May 1885 in Kruska, Russia and died on 23 Feb 1972 in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa at age 86.

NotesNotes for Anna:

A marriage certificate, number M000918 from the state of Massachusetts shows Annie Shiloff and Hillel Asiloff married on Nov. 28, 1905 and delineated data for Annie is: Age 21, (I think she lied) Residence 31 Chelsea St. Boston, Birthplace Russia, Father Hyman Shiloff, Mothers Maiden name Dora Rosin.

marriage certificate

Interesting is the name Heshelow shown as Asiloff. Must have been his accent that caused this!

29 Sep. 1965 Application for Social Security Number, 483-64-3612: Anna's birth is shown as 1 May 1885, Mother as Jessie Rosin, father as Hyman Shiloff.
1920 Iowa Census: vol 91, ED 219, Sht 17, Line 51. Shown are; Anna Schloff, Sioux City, Woodbury County, 624 Jones St., Nurse at St. Vincent's Hospital.
1925 Iowa State Census, book 255 line 149 and 150. Anna's parents are shown as; Herman Shiloff and Jessie Rosen. William's parents are shown as; Willie and Anna Shaw. (Shaw!)

Anna and Hillel's notation on marriage registration ssa application

1930 U.S. Census: Woodbury County, Sioux City IA; Vol 89 E.D. 97-41, Sht. 4B, Line 51. Data as shown on form: Living at 1003 West Sixth Street Barney H Shiloff listed as Head of house. Living with them are the William Heshelow family (spelled Hershelow). William age 50, age when married 26, able to read and write, retail merchant - grocery, - (sic) Sister!? Annie age 43 age when married 20, no occupation, able to read and write, niece!? Ida age 23, born in Mass., Teacher - public school, able to read and write, (sic) nephew!? Sovel age 21, salesman grocery, able to read and write, (sic) niece!? Bertha age 17, single no occupation, able to read and write.

Death Certificate: State of IA Department of Health 114-72-05209. Westwood Nursing Home Sioux City. Date of death 23 Feb. 1972, SSN 483-64-3612T, Residence: Sioux City 814 18th Street. Cause of death: Acute ventricular failure. Other factors, Osteoporosis with Radiculitis; Rheumatoid Arthritis, Meniere's disease and duaderol ulcer. Burial: Farane Graceland Park Sioux City.

Immigration: After many years of searching, I found Harie Schilow aboard the ship Kroonland. Sailing from Antwerp on 5 March 1904 and arriving at Ellis Island on 15 March 1904. The writing on these documents seems always to be in long hand and difficult to read. I absolutely disagree with the interpretation of the name Harie! It looks like to me like Hane which is a form of the name Hanna. She is shown as 15 years of age, female, single and an occupation of secretary. The town where she last resided is Kopisk. I have found a place on the map by the name Kopys. This is in the same area as all the town names that appear on documents in my research. The transliteration of place names is different on maps depending on who did the transliteration but, I think Kopys could be the place. She is shown going to her brother living on what looks like 80 Fulton Street in Boston, Mass. Her bother's last name is clear enough Shilov but, the first name is any ones guess. It is B followed by either two or three letter of which I cannot be certain. She had $4 and there is no way to determine if she was traveling alone. One year before Anna arrived in NY Anna's brother Myer Shiloff arrived in NY on 9 June 1903 aboard the ship S.S. Zeeland. Myer's name was shown as Meier Schilow. Also shown is that he was going to his brother B Chiloff in Boston living at 80 Fulton St. My conclusion; this Harie Schilow is surely Anna Shiloff. Here's her manifest of arrival.

Anna married Hillel aka William Heshelow on 28 Nov 1905 in Boston, MA. William was born on 15 Sep 1880 in Russia and died on 10 Mar 1943 in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa at age 62. Here is Hillel Heshelow's ships manifest. It states he is a laborer, born in Sklow and going to see Uncle Israel Schiloff in Boston, MA on Fulton St. His 1918 draft registration card is here. At that time they were living at 818 W. 8th St. in Sioux City, IA and his occupation as stated as self-employed tailor.

Anna Shiloff Heshelow's headstone

*Hebrew translation: Chana daughter of Chaim Hertz

William Hillel Heshelow's headstone

*Hebrew translation: Hillel Nachum son of Zev Volf

Heshelow family headstone
Anna Shiloff Heshelow obituary Anna Shiloff Heshelow obituary William Heshelow death listing

Anna and Hillel (William) had the following children:

1917 Heshelow and Peskin
In a 1917 city directory in Sioux City, Iowa there was a listing for a New York Dye and Cleaning Company owned by Heshelow and Peskin.

From Ben Shuman's notes: While living in Minneapolis North Side, Uncle Saul and Uncle Bill owned a Planters Peanuts store on Lake Street. The Melcher's and the Heshelow's went to Arizona for awhile but eventually returned to the Midwest, the Melcher's returned to Norfolk, Nebraska and the Heshelow's back to Sioux City.

Heshelow's living in Phoenix

Sioux City directory listing from 1930

In a 1930 Sioux City directory listing it shows living in the home; Bertha (student), Ida (teacher), Saul (salesman), William with his wife Anna (grocer).

Heshelow directory listingThey are living at 1823 Nebraska St in this listing. Sioux City directory listing from 1947

In a 1947 Sioux City directory listing it shows; Anna widow of William, Bertha a saleswomen working at Tweed's, and Sovel with wife Sylvia and he is working at Smith Electrical Works. Their residence is shown as 814 18th St.

NotesNotes for Ida:

Ida Harriette Heshelow, born on 10 Jan 1907 in Boston, Massachusetts, died 3 August 1992 in Chicago, Illinois. She is buried at Westlawn, and her services were at Piser Weinstein Menorah Chapel. She was a teacher. Below is information for a listing for Ida's birth which shows her parents as William and Annie Shiloff. Ida Heshelow birth 1907 Ida Heshelow birth 1907

Ida Heshelow Levin headstone* Hebrew translation; Chaya bat reb Hillel
(Isadore) Eugene Levin headstone* Hebrew translation; Yitschak ben reb Shlomo

Ida Heshelow Levin obituary notice Eugene Levin obituary notice

Ida Heshelow engagement

* We didn't have her middle name. Now with finding this article about her engagement we do.

Ida Heshelow married (Isadore) Eugene Levin in June 12, 1938. Eugene was born in 1898 in Minsk, Russia. Here is a link to his WW1 registration and his naturalization card. It shows his name as Isadore (Eugene) Levin.

Added: Joseph Levin and Eugene Levin are brothers. Anna Shiloff's daughter Ida married Eugene, and Barnett Shiloff's daughter Rose married Joseph.

Ida and Isadore (Eugene) had the following children:

William Levin was born on 28 Nov 1940 in Chicago, IL. William married Cynthia on 1 Oct 1961 in New York, NY.

William and Cynthia had the following children:

NotesNotes for Sovel:

Sovel 1927 yearbook photoPhoto of Sovel from his 1927 yearbook.

Sovel Heshelow was born on 28 Dec 1908 in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa. He died in 1998 in St. Petersburg, Florida. Sovel married Sylvia Berger on 15 Apr 1942 in Cook County, Illinois. Sylvia was born on 11 Sep 1918. Sovel was active in many clubs, one of them the Kadima Club. He also like to act and was in many local plays. Here is a link to several newspaper clippings on this topic.

Sovel Heshelow and Sylvia Berger marriage certificate Sovel Heshelow and Sylvia Berger Marriage Certificate 1942.

Sovel and Sylvia had the following children:

Affidavit of Delayed Birth Registration: certificate 422475 Sioux City, Shows birth as 28 Dec 1908. (Sovel was apparently born at home as the affidavit is dated 16 July 1941). Here is his 1918 draft card registration. Page from his yearbook in 1927.

Sovel birth certificate

1954 Sioux City directory listing.

1954 Sioux City directory listing for Sovel Heshelow

Below is Sovel and Sylvia's headstone at Chapel Hill Memorial Park in Largo, Florida, and both of their obituary listings.

Sovel and Sylvia headstone Sovel Heshelow obituary listing Sylvia Berger Heshelow

Susan Gayle Heshelow married William Slobodkin on Dec. 23, 1972 in Pinellas County, Florida. Susan Heshelow photo 1969

Page from her yearbook in 1968.

Rhonda Heshelow married William Hemphill on 7 Apr 1979 in St. Petersburg, FL.

Rhonda and William have the following children:

Rhonda Heshelow
Found this in an archive of Rhonda and a friend painting their synagogue in '66.

Harlan Fredrick Heshelow married Kathleen Louise Nance on June 23, 2001 in Pinellas County, Florida.

NotesNotes for Bertha:

Bertha Heshelow was born on 4 Sep 1912 in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa. From the Houston Chronicle she died at age 85, Aug. 8, 1998.

Affidavit of Delayed Birth Registration: 446945, Sioux City, shows birth as 4 Sep. 1912. (Bertha was apparently born at home as the affidavit is dated 3 Nov. 1933). Bertha married Benjamin Isaiah Sacks on 4 Jul 1947 in Sioux City, IA. Benjamin I. Sacks was born on 17 Mar 1917 in Sioux City, IA, he died in St. Petersburg, Florida 25 Jan 1996.

Bertha and Benjamin I. Sack's headstone

Bertha and Benjamin had the following children:

Howard Sacks married Mary Cyndy Pieniazek on 27 Feb 1953 in San Antonio, TX.

Howard and Cyndy had the following children:

Dr. Benjamin I. Sacks is listed as a Chiropodist and his wife's name is denoted as Bertha, in a Sioux City directory listing in 1956.

Dr. Sacks 1956 listing

Below is Bertha's obituary listing from 1998 with reference to her brother Sovel Heshelow.

Bertha Heshelow Sacks obituary
Dr. Benjamin I. Sacks obituary

Shuman Heshelow families

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